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Barrio Tributes

Cholo Style Magazine "Barrio Tributes" is an anthropological historical segment of Our people from one of the oldest barrios in East Los Angeles, Boyle Heights area. It takes you back in time when pachucos walked the streets with pride.  Back to history, on how some Barrios got their name and how pachucos were involve with the Zoot Suit riots, Chicano Movement, WW II and Vietnam Wars. Plus, wide eye personal stories that can only be giving to CHOLO STYLE Magazine! In addition you get some never before seen arte from homies doing hard time. Tributes were given to Big Hazard, Primera Flats and East Side "Clover" Plus a special Tribute to East Los Angeles on a detail historical segment on the Pachuco Zoot Suiter Wars.


Cholo Style Magazine #2 "Tribute to Primera Flats" 


Cholo Style Magazine # 1 Tribute to Big Hazard


Cholo Style Magazine #3 Tribute to East Side "Clover"


Tribute to East Los Angeles "Pachuco Wars"

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